The Background

MYHEMP is a DEX (decentralised exchange) blockchain ecosystem for the global community. It is a platform for buying and selling Hemp Tokens. Hemp and Marijuana consumers around the world can check the agricultural origins of legal, high-quality hemp and marijuana products in an instant.


In order to build a blockchain website, our experts focused on completing all challenges as soon as possible. Their blockchain project needed a token model, token launch development and planning a campaign. None of these challenges seemed tough for our blockchain experts and this task was pulled off in a seamless manner.
Technologies &
In the development of PIP ZERO, the following technologies and
frameworks were used.


Node JS

Tradingview library
ICO landing pages designed by our designers are easy-to-navigate and well-designed. In order to achieve a successful ICO, we developed a well-designed website. Additionally, we developed a panel to update them with the data on where the funds are coming from.
We ensured that none of the challenges would reappear after we completed them. The blockchain website seems to be in excellent shape and is more secure than ever thanks to the advice of our blockchain experts. By meeting all the requirements of our clients we were able to pull off a decentralised process for MyHemp.

The feedback by the Client