latest news on Google's page experience update

Mobile and Desktop Search Results Will Be Affected By the Update

latest news on Google's page experience update
When is Google planning to update page experience?

Although initially, Google confirmed the new update would only impact mobile search results, now it has been confirmed that both desktop and mobile search results will be affected by Google’s Page Experience update.

Page Experience will also affect desktop search, says Google, despite expectations it would only affect mobile search. These details were shared on Tuesday as part of a session on preparing for Google I/O’s Page Experience update. 

Last November, it was widely understood when Google announced the Page Experience update that it impacted only mobile search ranking. It has been decided to push the update to the Desktop. Now that Google is set to instill the update in both mobile and Desktop, it is worth knowing for users what is coming their way.

Google Search product manager Jeffrey Jose says:

“Today I am happy to announce that we are bringing Page Experience ranking to Desktop. While we’re launching Page Experience on mobile soon, we believe page experience is critical no matter the surface the user is browsing the web. This is why we’re working hard on bringing page experience ranking to Desktop. As always we’ll be providing updated guidance, documentation, and tools along the way to help your pages perform at its best. Stay tuned for more details on this.”

There seems to be a separate set of criteria for Page Experience ratings on mobile in the announcement. The user experience on a desktop page is significantly different from a mobile page since users have different expectations. In addition, the way web pages are loaded on desktops and smartphones is different. The structure that we see on mobile is also different from what we see on a desktop. Also, the desktop version provides many options and variations for the users to customize their page according to their preference.

Expected to launch in June this year

Mobile Page Experience is set to launch in June. It’s not known yet whether desktop Page Experience will launch at the same time. Earlier this month, Jose said that Google would provide further guidance and documentation before the change is made live. Stay tuned and subscribe to our newsletter to know when the new update is live! 

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