Miss Liberia - Cultural and Talent Showcase Application

Miss Liberia, an esteemed event in Liberia’s cultural calendar, partnered with Pixelette Technologies to create an app that extends its reach and impact.

Executive Summary

Pixelette Technologies developed the Miss Liberia app, a mobile platform dedicated to showcasing the annual socio-cultural event, Miss Liberia. The app promotes cultural unity, personal expression, and a deeper understanding of Liberian cultural practices and beliefs. It also features the Miss Liberia Bootcamp, highlighting contestants’ talents and charitable activities.


Project Objective

  • Develop an app to showcase the Miss Liberia event and its associated activities.
  • Enhance public engagement and promote cultural unity.


  • Capturing the essence of the cultural event in a mobile platform.
  • Facilitating interaction and support for contestants.
  • Showcasing various cultural aspects and contestants’ talents effectively.

Solutions by Pixelette Technologies

  • Designed an engaging interface to highlight event features and contestant profiles.
  • Incorporated interactive elements to foster community support and engagement.
  • Integrated features to display cultural practices and contestant challenges.


  • High user engagement with the app’s features.
  • Positive response from the Liberian community and international audiences.


The Miss Liberia app by Pixelette Technologies successfully digitalized a key cultural event, enhancing its visibility and engagement, and promoting Liberia’s rich cultural heritage​​.