Managing Handheld order-taking devices

How does handheld order-taking devices work

For understanding handheld order-taking devices, you need to learn about the complete function and management process. The entire process helps you understand what the handheld order is actually. Imagine taking your order terminal with you and avoid waiting in line anymore. That also gives more flexibility to the waiters in the restaurant. There is also a separate terminal that goes by the name of MPoS, that runs on mobile devices. It consists of a handheld device that is used to communicate information anywhere in the world.

Does it require any software? 

Generally, some organizations are selling MPos software along with the software itself. EPoS runs on a certain central computer that feeds the user image interface through a user handheld client device that is carried by the waiter. In this way, software sits in the clients for local processing.

Understanding the payment method  

These handheld order-taking devices not only take the order but also do payments digitally. The payment method is easy because there is a place for the integrated card entry into these handheld devices for the payment process. So, this also eliminates the fear of fraud from customers. So, in this way, many of your customers will feel comfortable as it reduces the risk of debit card payment.


Well, if you are planning to apply handheld order-taking devices into your business, then you have got chosen handheld devices.

  • Personal digital assistance

Order taking device are mostly designed as personal consumer technology for your business. However, digital companies like Microsoft and Palm allows other applications to be used. 

  • Custom criminals

Some companies like symbol custom development designed for Rugg operation in the restaurant. Well, this is also considered as a major investment but also a benefit like it can improve investment.

Develop other features 

A handheld device must rely on the information of the kitchen staff and, besides that, you must ensure that these order-taking devices also integrate with the management system for helping the automated tasks. You must also rely on providing more information on the order-taking device other than just the system taking orders. A fair restaurant management system assures will also enable you to retrieve information along with the information, of multiple dishes that save time that is spent on taking orders. 


Order-taking devices come in different varieties and, some of them are way too much cost-effective. But that depends on the software and the capability of the order-taking device. The efficiency depends on its system by watching a staff member covering the area. The price depends on how much area is being covered by the waiters and also time spent on serving beverages.


So, if you have made up your mind about setting up handheld order-taking devices for your restaurant services, then this blog is all about it.