Top machine learning algorithms

Major ways to upgrade top machine learning algorithms in 2020

The study of computer algorithms that improves automatically through experience is referred to as a top machine learning algorithm. The three major types of machine learning are  

  • Supervised machine learning 
  • Unsupervised machine learning  
  • Reinforcement learning 

Each of these types has an algorithm that defines them uniquely and makes them different from each other. Even in 2020, machine learning and artificial intelligence are a hot topic and are always in demand. 

Top Machine Learning Algorithms 

  • Linear regression: This is used to understand the functionality of the algorithm. 
  • Logistic regression: This regression is used to discrete a set of independent variables. This also includes eliminating feature and interaction terms. 
  • Decision tree: This is the most popular algorithm of machine learning which is used to clarify problems. 
  • Svm: This is used to classify and plot raw data as points. 
  • Naïve Bayes: A naïve Bayes classifier assumes the presence of a particular feature. It is also used to build massive datasets. 

These top machine learning algorithms are significantly used for the development of artificial intelligence.  

Artificial Intelligence a Modern Approach  

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are very much alike when it comes to technology. Artificial intelligence applies deep learning, machine learning, and other techniques while machine learning, on the other hand, relies on that the machine would learn and adapt through experiences. This is more accurate because the machine solves tasks more smartly than artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence is a modern approach to advanced technology.  It is ahead of every advanced technology.  

Machine Learning a Subset of AL 

Machine learning is the subset of artificial intelligence and if you want to learn machine algorithms then you must know the applications of artificial intelligence. Top machine learning algorithm depend upon artificial. There are also five programming language for artificial intelligence which are  

  • Python 
  • Java 
  • Julia 
  • Lisp 
  • Haskell 

These five programming languages of artificial intelligence are used immensely all across the globe. But when it comes to AL programming language python is used more commonly.  


The upgrading process of algorithms of machine learning is through the list of top machine learning algorithm. The conclusion would be to learn and master yourself in machine learning algorithm. First, learn the best and topmost algorithm of machine learning which is linear regression and the most powerful algorithm of a machine and deep learning. Few steps would be applied for learning algorithms which are: 

  • Learn fundamental data structures 
  • Learn advanced concepts   
  • And do lots of reading and writing of programming languages. 

These steps are useful for top machine learning algorithms and have been proven successful.