Lytics Lens - Customized News Application

CoreNest, in partnership with Pixelette Technologies, sought to create a news aggregation application that filters and customizes content based on user preferences.

Executive Summary

Pixelette Technologies developed “Lytics Lens,” a mobile application providing users with news tailored to their preferences. The app combats the infodemic by delivering concise, precise information packages.


Project Objective

  • Develop a user-centric mobile app for customized news delivery.
  • Provide tailored information packages.


  • Customizing news content for individual users.
  • Ensuring concise and accurate information delivery.

Solutions by Pixelette Technologies

  • Utilized advanced algorithms for personalized news filtering.
  • Designed a user-friendly interface for preference customization.


  • Positive user feedback on the tailored news experience.
  • High user engagement with content customization features.


Lytics Lens, developed by Pixelette Technologies, successfully addressed the need for customized news delivery in the modern digital landscape, demonstrating the potential of personalized content in enhancing user experience.