Laundryheap Mobile Application

Laundryheap engaged Pixelette Technologies to create an accessible platform for laundry services, addressing the need for a time-saving laundry solution.

Executive Summary

Pixelette Technologies developed the Laundryheap mobile app, a comprehensive platform for a range of laundry services, including washing, ironing, dry cleaning, and duvet cleaning. This app facilitates easy scheduling of pickups and deliveries, enhancing the convenience of laundry services.


Project Objective

Create a user-friendly app for scheduling various laundry services.


  • Designing a simple interface for ordering services.
  • Developing a reliable scheduling system for pickups and deliveries.
  • Combining different laundry services in one application.

Pixelette Technologies' Solutions

  • Developed an intuitive interface with clear service options.
  • Implemented a dependable scheduling system for consistent service availability.
  • Integrated a wide range of laundry services into the app.


  • Successfully introduced the app with numerous downloads and favorable reviews.
  • Achieved high repeat usage, reflecting customer satisfaction


Laundryheap commended the app for its ease of use and the efficiency of the scheduling feature.
The Laundryheap mobile application by Pixelette Technologies effectively streamlined laundry services, offering a user-friendly and efficient platform that has been well-received by both users and the client.