why is Clubhouse launching an android version?

Is Clubhouse Losing its Prestigious Place?

why is Clubhouse launching an android version?
Android users soon can have clubhouse app

Even though it may seem hard to believe, Clubhouse, the pioneer of audio, social networking, is definitely having a tough time at the hands of much famous Twitter. Not only Twitter, other social media platforms have introduced similar features.

Over the last week, Facebook launched a slate of new sound-only products across its networks, Reddit added a take on it called ‘Reddit Talk,’ and Instagram launched its IG Live audio-only streams, giving Clubhouse’s users more options.

With today’s launch of its audio Spaces feature, Twitter has delivered another full-body blow to Clubhouse, as new features will be available to all Twitter users, on iOS and Android, who gain at least 600 followers. 

For now, Clubhouse continues on its own path with its own development plans, and it moves into the next stage of its development. The expansion, as you know, will involve a full release, which means it will be available to all users across the globe, including an Android version.

As reported by TechCrunch:

“The company announced during its weekly town hall event that its Android version has entered beta testing with a handful of non-employees who will provide the company with early feedback ahead of a public launch.”

Because Clubhouse does not have an Android app, competitors are launching audio tools on multiple platforms, becoming a much bigger impediment. The Clubhouse may have a much harder time getting Android users to switch from their existing apps for audio, social meetings, as most are already familiar with their current tools for web meetings.

Will clubhouse overcome the competition?

This question may ultimately determine the fate of Clubhouse, which has built a significant presence on the strength of its invite-only and FOMO factor but could nearly lose out in the long run due to what could go wrong. 

In order to avoid losing its top broadcasters to these other tools, Clubhouse needs to expand rapidly, as well as improving its discovery algorithms and maximizing creator incentives.

Through Creator Accelerator Program, participants to receive k a month in the monthly payment, Clubhouse is now working on payments, another way to incentivize its top broadcasters to remain active in the app. 

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