Instagram has been working on a new sticker re-share

Instagram Test New Re-sharing Feature for Better Highlights

Instagram has been working on a new sticker re-share
Instagram is working for best solution on re-sharing feature

Lately, Instagram has unveiled that it has been working to improve re-sharing story feed post to add something more creative and entertaining for its users.

In recent months, Instagram has been working on addressing a problem that not all users agree is a problem: the resharing of content onto Instagram Stories.

It’s nothing new for many brands and people—posting an update for the main feed, then doubling its impact by uploading the same photo as a Story. There’s no doubt that you’ve experienced it – but some users say that re-sharing isn’t something that they like at all since the duplication between the two surfaces can be excessive.

The company took its first steps to address this back in January, when it stopped some users from resharing feed posts to Stories completely, which was received with mixed response.

One more Instagram test saw the addition of labels to Stories posts re-posted from users’ main feed in March.  Alessandro Paluzzi, an application researcher who discovered this new test last week, claims that Instagram is still working hard on the best solution for re-sharing – this means that the ‘Reshare’ sticker would be added to Instagram Stories to facilitate sharing feed posts.

What would happen after your feed post is displayed within your Story is not clear, but it essentially is intended to make it clearer that it is a re-shared feed post, rather than a new Story. Consequently, I believe Instagram really doesn’t want users to share updates from their feed. Instagram CEO, recently cited there is a problem – in one of his most recent Friday Q&A sessions, Mosseri shared the following response.

It also adds support for four people in live videos, and has recently started allowing users to turn off their audio and video. Paluzzi spotted a new Instagram feature in testing, which you can schedule live videos. Since the pandemic spread, Instagram Live popularity has also increased. Additionally, Instagram displayed a “Reshared Post” label below the username on Stories, but this didn’t seem to make a difference.

It is expected that users will greatly dislike Instagram removing resharing of posts, especially among creators and businesses looking to gain popularity on the app. In addition, users may be discouraged from sharing their posts to stories to support other businesses or accounts.

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