Instagram reverses reach penalty for re-sharing feed post

Instagram Has Stopped Users From Re-sharing Feed Posts

Instagram reverses reach penalty for re-sharing feed post
Raising voice-over Palestine issue has some consequences

According to the news report, Instagram has deliberately sought to limit its users for re-sharing feed posts, especially over the latest Palestine issue in the app.

As reported by BBC:

The app had favored original content in its “stories” feature over existing, re-shared posts, but will now give them equal treatment, it said.”

What Did Instagram say in January?

“We’ve seen from research that people prefer to see original photos and videos in Stories from the people they care about. The goal of our test is to better understand how people feel about this type of content and ultimately improve the Stories experience.”

Instagram Further Explained

“[The change has] caused people to believe we were suppressing stories about particular topics or points of view. We want to be clear – this isn’t the case. This applied to any post that’s re-shared in stories, no matter what it’s about.”

According to Instagram, users often have so many Stories in their top-of-feed display that they can’t see them all everywhere they go, which is why it makes sense to prioritize original posts, ensuring users see the most relevant and unique updates, rather than duplicated content from their main feed.

So while Instagram has intended to improve the Stories experience, and stop users from simply seeing a duplication of their main feed within Stories, it’s also, unwittingly, ended up reducing the reach of posts around important events and issues. So now, Instagram is rolling back that change, which will ensure that re-shared feed posts continue to get the same amount of reach as any other Stories content.

What else?

In addition to the new feed tags, Instagram is experimenting with new Stories stickers, which make reshares more prominent. In between these experiments, there might be a solution, but Instagram doesn’t seem to have figured out the balance yet, with algorithmic penalties particularly unlikely given that Instagram cannot monitor content to ensure it’s not also inadvertently silencing users’ voices.

The platform still faces this issue, but there are no clear solutions. The company may introduce another option soon and limit the reach of reshared feed posts in Stories.

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