CAST Lighting's

CAST Lighting pioneers in providing advanced perimeter security lighting solutions, designed meticulously to align with the needs of security guards, surveillance systems, and outdoor environments. Their disruptive technology redefines perimeter security by mounting lighting fixtures directly onto existing infrastructure, thus drastically cutting down installation time and costs.

Executive Summary

Pixelette Technologies collaborated with CAST Lighting to amplify the reach and impact of their innovative perimeter security lighting solutions. Leveraging a holistic digital marketing strategy encompassing SEO, direct outreach, lead generation, and social media marketing (SMM), we propelled CAST Lighting into a higher realm of online visibility and customer engagement. The project not only highlighted the disruptive technology offered by CAST Lighting but also significantly bolstered lead generation and fostered a robust online community around their offerings.


In a market previously dominated by adapted lighting solutions, CAST Lighting’s innovative offerings faced the challenge of gaining visibility and demonstrating their unique value proposition. The endeavor was to effectively reach and convince prospective customers of the substantial cost savings and enhanced security provided by their solutions.

Goals of the marketing project

The primary aim was to elevate CAST Lighting’s online presence, generate qualified leads, and establish a resonant brand identity that underscores their technological innovation in perimeter security.

Market Analysis

Target Audience Identification

Target audience comprised of security professionals, facility managers, and businesses with perimeter security needs, seeking cost-effective and innovative lighting solutions.

Competitor Analysis

Competitor analysis revealed a plethora of conventional lighting solutions, highlighting the need to distinguish CAST Lighting’s unique, cost-effective, and purpose-built perimeter security lighting.

Market Trends

A growing emphasis on advanced security solutions and cost-effectiveness were identified as prevailing market trends, aligning perfectly with CAST Lighting’s offerings.

Marketing Strategy


A blend of SEO, direct outreach, lead generation, and SMM was employed to create a multi-channel marketing strategy aimed at maximized visibility and engagement.


Conducted targeted campaigns across various platforms to generate leads, promote brand awareness, and engage with the community.

Content Strategy

Developed engaging content showcasing the advantages and unique features of CAST Perimeter® security lighting, alongside informative pieces on perimeter security.


Technology Utilization

Utilized advanced analytics, SEO tools, and marketing platforms to streamline campaigns, monitor performance, and optimize strategies.

Team Collaboration

A seamless collaboration between Pixelette Technologies and CAST Lighting ensured alignment with brand goals and effective execution of marketing strategies.

Performance Metrics

Traffic and Engagement Metrics

Witnessed a notable increase in website traffic, engagement rates, and social media followers, indicating a growing interest in CAST Lighting’s offerings.

Lead Generation

The multi-channel approach significantly enhanced lead generation, creating a steady pipeline of potential customers.

ROI Analysis

Positive ROI underscored the effectiveness and cost-efficiency of the digital marketing strategies employed.


Performance Optimization

Continuous analysis and optimizations were carried out to enhance campaign performance and lead conversion rates.

Learning and Insights

The project yielded insights into audience preferences and effective communication strategies, setting a solid foundation for future marketing initiatives.

Client Testimonials

Enthusiastic testimonials from clients reflected the enhanced security, cost savings, and satisfaction derived from utilizing CAST Perimeter® security lighting solutions.


The collaboration between Pixelette Technologies and CAST Lighting successfully elevated the brand’s digital presence, generated a consistent flow of qualified leads, and fostered a thriving online community. The project not only showcased the disruptive innovation by CAST Lighting but also set a benchmark in leveraging digital marketing to highlight the real-world benefits of pioneering technology in the realm of perimeter security.