best ways to optimize the SEO content of video

How to Optimize Your Video Content with SEO

The initial step for getting Video Content to be found by Google is to make sure they’re publicly accessible on the web. That means the video should have a corresponding web page with a URL that Google can access.

Use Structured Data

To help Google find videos and understand what they’re about, site owners can provide structured data using Video Object markup. The markup can include information like the video title, description, duration, thumbnail, video file URLs, and more.

Provide High-Quality Thumbnails

Provide high-quality thumbnails for each video at URLs that Google can access. If a thumbnail isn’t accessible to Google, the page might not be able to appear in video features. 

best ways to optimize the SEO content of video

Submit a Video Content Sitemap

Video sitemaps are another way to help Google find videos associated with pages on your site. A video sitemap can also include metadata tags to help Google understand what the videos are about.

Accessible Video Files

Make sure Google can fetch your video files, so your pages are eligible for search features like video previews and key moments.

Video previews are a feature in search results where Google grabs a few seconds from a video to use as a clip, which can be more engaging than a static thumbnail.

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