How to get the best cellular data plan in 2020

Find the Best Cellular Data Plans

To find the best cellular data plans for you, here is the overview.

  • T-Mobile

T-Mobile’s unlimited plan is seemingly bound to the perfect cellular data plan if you wish to have endless data. Well, T-Mobile could be more appealing if you pay an extra amount of $15 each month. That lets you stream HD videos on a smart-sized screen and won’t be too much of a hardship. They also offer a magenta plan that is best for the family user with an extra cost of $10.

  • Verizon Data Plan

We cannot say that this data plan is the top-most, but it sure charges you less amount. The data plan charges a user amount of $80 a month that allows you to enjoy Disney, Hulu, and ESPN Plus. By using Samsung galaxy S20 plus and galaxy note 20, you get to enjoy the 5g services.

  • AT&T Data Plan

AT&T is the most elite data plan that comes at a price of $85 a month. If $85 a month is too much for you to pay, then you can consider its $75 monthly service. That will give you the streaming service of HBO MAX, and access to the AT&T 5g Network. The speed will not be slowed down until you consume 100GB of data.

  • Visible Data Plan

If you are looking for an unlimited data plan at a low cost then look no further. The best-carrier visible service can be subscribed with $40 a month that also includes tax. This data plan might not be popular but, its network is owned by Verizon. iPhone users can have the first crack at their 5g services.

  • Google FI-Unlimited

This cellular data plan offers a lot, for instance, services from multiple carriers and free texting when traveling. Furthermore, the Google FI data plan might not be the cheapest but, it sure is feasible.  Their monthly data plan cost around $75 a month that is proportionate to the T-Mobile magenta data plan.

  • Mind Mobile Data Plan

Well, there is always a catch in everything mind-mobile offers a $30 a month service that is lesser than the visible $40 monthly service. Like, I said there is always a catch, you will have to pay $30 for three months then the cost would rise.

  • Tiered Data Plan

This data plan offers special features like carryover data and safe mode at a cost of $50 a month. This plan is also, owned by Verizon, they have extended their data plan through this network.

  • AT&T Tiered Data Plan

Their 9GB plan seems more attractive than that of the Verizon 5g data plan. They also have a share plan for a month on 3G service.  So, this is more appealing as compared to Verizon’s offering. 

How to Pick the Best Plan:

Besides, choosing from the carrier, you must consider both price and perks for the best cellular data plan you wish to have.


So, these are the best cellular data plan used all across the globe that is quite feasible.