essential SEO tools to increase organic traffic

Best SEO Tactics to Drive Organic Traffic

The most common strategy to drive organic traffic is to rank better for the keyword upon which you already rank. Since SERPs follow a power law, The returns from moving a keyword from #2 to #1 are higher than moving it from #3 to #2, which is higher than moving a keyword from #4 to #3. To understand how to rank higher for a keyword or a set, we need to compare our content and domain on multiple dimensions against the top-ranking result.

Rank for More Long-Tail Keywords

The keywords that already rank well, can maintain long-term consistency to drive more organic traffic. Additional keywords content ranks for can be related to the main query. An increase in ranking keywords can have various reasons:

  • More backlinks of the content
  • Updating the content
  • Content expanded

On this behalf, the change notifies Google that each content is relevant for more queries.

essential SEO tools to increase organic traffic

Rank for Net-New Keywords

While struggling to rank a single keyword, we mostly forget the other important four net-net keywords, which are:

  • Identify keyword gaps with competitors.
  • Look for keywords related to the ones you already rank for.
  • Think of topics/keywords you don’t cover yet.
  • Get suggestions from tools.

Also, note that it takes time for Google to fully understand when to launch new-net content.

Increase Your CTR

An authentic SEO catches the user’s attention when he clicks through like, improving your CTR is a low-effort, high-returns option to drive more organic traffic. Hence, there are three basic options for drawing traffic:

  • Rich snippet
  • Title optimization
  • Description optimization

Also note, Not every rich snippet has a significant effect, it can turn negative sometimes

Rank in SERP Features

Google’s search landscape has changed towards an augmented experience that answers the users directly or directs them to the place beyond 10 blue links. However, we can also manage the appearance to a degree.

Other unpaid opportunities you can influence include:

  • Image carousel.
  • PPA boxes.
  • FAQ Snippets.

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