Latest cybersecurity attacks

8 Latest cybersecurity attacks | Pixelette Attacks

Any form of malicious activity that targets computers, networks, and IT systems to gain access to their data or to shut down their systems is known as a cybersecurity attack.

8 types of cybersecurity attacks:

Cybercriminals use different technical methods to achieve these goals of shutting down or gaining access to the systems. Some of the most common methods are mentioned below:

  • Malware
  • Phishing
  • Ransomware
  • Denial of service
  • Man in the middle
  • Cryptojacking
  • SQL injection
  • Zero-day exploits

Latest cybersecurity attacks:

Many cybersecurity attacks happened in recent years, but we are discussing some of the latest cybersecurity attacks that managed to get widespread attention:

Capital One breach

In July 2019, online banking Capital One realized that someone hacked their data. Cybercriminals hacked hundreds of thousands of credit card applications, which included personal information like Social Security numbers, birth-dates, etc. But the hackers did not steal bank account numbers, and the stolen data never appeared on the dark web.

The Weather Channel ransomware

In April 2019, during the tornado strikes in South America, the Weather Channel ceased live streaming for 90 minutes. Rumors are that it was a phishing cybersecurity attack. It is one of the most common causes of ransomware injection. However, due to good backups of the affected servers, they were back online in less than two hours.

Citrix breach

Citrix is a company that makes VPNs to secure millions of internet connections and deals with the US government. In March 2019, it fell victim to password spraying attacks. Hackers did this to gain access to their system via brute force. The group of hackers worked with the Irony Government.

Texas ransomware attacks

In August 2019, cybercriminals attacked the computer systems of 22 small towns of Texas and shut them down. They were unable to generate birth and death certificates. A single attacker used REvil ransomware. The weakness behind this attack was that all these organizations were taking services from a single IT service provider.


WannaCry was a ransomware attack in May 2017. It infected computers of the United Kingdom’s NHS, encrypted their hard drives’ content, and demanded a payment in Bitcoin to decrypt their data.


It was another case of ransomware and started in 2016 via phishing spam. It encrypted the master boot record of infected machines and made it impossible for users to get access to their files.


In 2013, cybercriminals hacked around 3 billion Yahoo email addresses, passwords, and backup email addresses. The information was enough to breach other accounts as well. Yahoo cleared this case in Oct 2017.


On 28th Feb 2018, hackers attacked GitHub with a massive denial of service, with 1.35 TB per second traffic hitting their site. But GitHub recovered from that attack in 20 minutes.

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