How RFID technology has brought ease to our lives

RFID Technology Has Made Our Life Easier Here’s How

RFID is a phrase for “radiofrequency identity” refers to a technology that captures digital data through a reader via radio waves and stores it in RFID tags and labels.

RFID is similar to a barcode reader, which reads data from barcodes and stores it into a database. RFID has an advantage over barcode reader as it can read data outside the line-of-sight, whereas barcode aligns with an optical scanner that can read that barcode. The question here is that how RFID technology has brought ease to our lives?

 The Working Method of RFID:

  • RFID belongs to a group of technologies that is automatic identification and data capture (AIDC).
  • AIDC automatically analyze objects, collect information about them, and enter that information into the system with little or no interference of human.
  • RFID consists of three components, tag or label, reader, and antenna, and has an integrated circuit and an antenna that transmits data to the reader.
  • The reader converts that data into a useful data form of information. A host computer system receives that information collected from tags through a communication channel.

 RFID Applications:

  • Asset tracking
  • Inventory management
  • ID badging
  • Supply chain management
  • Personal tracking
  • Controlling access to restricted areas
  • Counterfeit prevention

The idea of having a chip inside a human body might sound a little creepy, but many animals and people already do have it. Keep in mind that tags are only readable when they are closer to a reader. Have a view on how RFID technology has brought ease to our lives:

  • Lost Pets:

            One of the earliest private use of RFID was to chip pet cats and dogs. People have implanted chips in their pets, and when pets would go far from home, police would scan that pet and find the owner’s contact information.

  • Swedish Office:

In 2015, a Swedish company started using RFID chips for security purposes. They implanted chips into hundreds of employees, so they could access private secured equipment and open the door by just standing next to it.

Installations are Not the Only Way:

There are many ways to use RFID. You can carry an RFID chip with you for these purposes. In some hospitals, employees have a chipped card for authentication and authorization.

How RFID Technology has Brought Ease to Our Live?

         RFID technology has brought ease to our lives and has given time-saving and cost-effective solutions for our routine work. Here are some examples we are mentioning:

  • Swipe-free Passes:

Many organizations are using swipe-free passes. You only need to hold a ticket and go inside, and you do not need any other verification.

  • No More Lost Golf Balls:

Golf balls have an RFID chip inside them, and when you lose it, RFID technology will lead you to find it straightaway.

  • Returning Rentals Faster:

It is the end of your holidays, you are going to return the rental car, and there is a long enough line to make you miss your flight. You do not have to wait with RFID-embedded cars, put keys in the box, and RFID will save your returning time.

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