Why Google Knows Content From Different Authors

How Google Knows Which Content Belongs to the Same Author

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Search engines like Google use a method called reconciliation to determine whether certain pieces of content on the web belong to the same author. 

During the Google Search Central SEO hangout on April 23, Google’s John Mueller discusses a technique called reconciliation that is used to identify when different content on the web belongs to the same author.

In response to a site owner’s question of which is more important to include on an author’s page, Mueller explained to the site owner how Google can determine an author’s identity based on several factors.

Generally, it is best to link to a social media profile on an author’s page. At the very least, whatever an author links to on their page must appear consistent and coherent across different segments of the web.

The idea is to point all signals to a single place.

Why Google Knows Content From Different Authors

If an author consistently links to their LinkedIn profile, for example, then Google will recognize that they are the same entity behind multiple author pages.

John Mueller’s response:

“Essentially what I see on our site is, when it comes to things like author pages, or information about the author, or information about entities in general behind a website, an article, or something, – what happens there is our systems try to recognize who that is, what that entity is, and we do that based on a number of different factors. And that does include things like links to profile pages for example, or visible information that we can find on these pages themselves. So my recommendation here would be to at least link to a common, or kind of like a central place, where you say everything comes together for this author.

Google might assume that the authors of different publications with identical names are the same person without a link leading to a central location, such as a social media profile.

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