Operational Security Services

Operational Security Services: What Do They Do?

Operational Security is the risk assessment process that works to guard valuable assets, such as confidential information, intellectual property, product researches, etc.

The advanced operational security services cannot only identify security holes but can also provide progressive measures. Sensitive information or detail will not fall into wrong hands by using the correct security approach.

It can apply to various organizational processes, such as administrations, military departments, quality control, information security, etc.

Prime steps of operations security process:

The operational security process is comprised of five steps. The experts follow the below-mentioned steps to safeguard the sensitive information of the company.

1.      Identification of Sensitive Information:

The preliminary step of operational security services is to recognize the classified and unclassified data that needs to be protected from data thieves.

The common confidential information includes customer information, emails, passwords, applications attributes, security codes, etc.

2.      Analysis of potential threats:

After recognizing the sensitive information, experts need to find potential security holes. It helps in finding the type of threat that has the potential to affect the organization. This step helps in watching out the insider threats of the system.

3.      Susceptibility Analysis

The third and viral step is to find the extent of vulnerability in the system. To analyze the susceptibility, the experts determine the current status of security.  They also find that what if the vulnerability exists there for a longer time.

4.      Risks Evaluation

The risk evaluation determines the degree of risk under any operational failure. It is essential to detect faulty measures that are enhancing the risk of data breaches. The experts carefully perform this step to identify the need for advanced operational security services.

5.      Creating countermeasures:

After identification, evaluation, and analysis of security risks, it becomes compulsory to develop a workable measure that strengthens the overall operation security system. The useful countermeasures include hardware updates, encryption software, security policy modifications, etc.

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