How can cybersecurity agencies be of help?

Cyber security companies help defeat cyber-attacks and unwanted digital advances. Online information of a company can suffer a massive data loss and set back as a result of malicious attack. To combat this issue, one needs appropriate tools and strategies to identify the possible threats before the actual attack can happen.

Cyber threats have several different types, and each one attacks and harms the user differently. All online data, websites, and information in clouds can easily fall victim to these virtual criminals.

What are some Cyber Security threats?

Data theft, password attacks, spyware, malware, phishing, and hacking are the notorious culprits that can threaten the online presence of individuals, companies or startups. Some of these threats are defined below: 

Data theft is stealing information, data, or credentials stored digitally or online to jeopardize privacy or to get hands-on confidential information.

Password attack is the act of cracking system’s and user’s passwords to gain access illegally.

Phishing is posing as a legitimate organization and tricking the targeted party into revealing sensitive information like credit card information, banking details and passwords.

Hacking is breaching the computer and online defenses to access the information illegitimately.

How massive is the threat to cyber security?

The cyber security issue is a growing threat. The increasing number of companies with under-developed firewalls and sub-standard security measures are falling victim to cyber criminals. The average cost of data breaches in the year 2019 was around 3.9 million. In addition to that most data breaches and attacks go unnoticed and unaccounted for as long as 206 days on average. 

This means the threat of security is significant and calls for cyber security agency interventions. 

How cyber security agencies combat online attacks? 

Security agency uses integrated tools and software to identify and combat digital threats. Security strategies and plan of actions against potential threat are also devised. Below are some of the tools utilized by cyber security companies.

Firewalls- are barriers that prevent any unauthorized user from gaining access to a private internet connection.

Authentications- or verification is a tool that allows only the registered and pre-entered identities to get access. 

MDR- (managed detection and response) is a low budgeted action plan to detect security threats and breaches.

Antivirus and Anti-Malware- are software designed to detect and eliminate any malicious foreign presence on the device that can harm the data.

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