call center for small business

How beneficial is a Call Center for Small Business?

A call centre for small businesses is built to deal with massive calls to provide customer support, sale purposes, or technical support. Call centers are based on inbound or outbound calls or a combination of both.

It may be built inside the company or outsourced to another company that can responsively handle the customers. In an outbound call center, agents can only call existing customers whereas in an outbound call center they can receive calls from new clients.

The call center’s main purpose is to handle the clients online and advertise or describe the services. It can increase your income ratio.

Key Factors to Inaugurate a call Center for Small Business:

  • Decide a type for your call center: Decide if you want to build an inbound or outbound call center. It can be telemarketing or web-enabled. Tele-marketing call center aims at advertising the business or introducing services to the existing clients.
  • In a web-enabled call center, there will be an option of call for clients on the website and they will make a call to know more about the product to place an order.
  • Check state and local requirements: Contact the office of Finance and taxation before starting your business. The document’s your business and pays the fees to confirm that you are in the consent of all the rules and regulations. Check out your area’s bounding restrictions if you want to start a business from home.
  • Write a business plan: A business plan is a basic stage of building a call center for a small business that involves marketing activities, investments, equipment costs, benefits, and salaries of employees. It can help you secure a position with small business administrations.
  • Necessary investments: Invest money to purchase office supplies, headsets, computers, phones, and high-speed internet connection. You can buy a call center software that can make the calling process and data record easy. It may be expensive so research it before purchasing. 
  • Contact other call center’s and businesses: There are different pay scales and requirements for every company. You can choose the company which you think you can handle. Contact different call center’s and business that sells some products.
  • Advertisement: Create a page on Facebook and a website, it will increase your professional prestige. Also, join local professional organizations.

How to Expand the Call Center?

It can be expanded by hiring more employees. Print advertisements in local papers. If you have more employees, lease an office in a building.

Call Center for Small Business Services:

  • Scheduling appointments of a live operator.
  • Registration of events.
  • Call routing and virtual receptionist.
  • Integrating website and work ticket.
  • E-commerce report of small business.
  • 24/7 customer service.

Small Business call Center’s in the UK:

Rapid live chat is a small business call centre in the UK providing 24/7 services. Their starting package is 100 pounds by answering up to 100 chats. They have multiple ways to handle their clients. 

Avoxi is another UK-based call centre offering its best services with a rating of 4.5 stars and they have a package of 14.9$ per month.