Benefits of using Shopify UK for e-commerce websites

Benefits of Using Shopify UK for E-commerce Websites

Shopify is an e-commerce solution and it’s quickly becoming one of the most used and famous e-commerce platforms in the UK. Moreover, there are around 3 lac e-commerce websites using the Shopify platforms. Pixelette Technologies being an award-winning company is the best choice for your Shopify UK partner. As we provide the most prominent and cost-effective services to make your e-commerce website a real success.

Reasons to Hire Shopify UK as your Partner

It’s a Hosted Platform:

Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of Shopify is that it’s a hosted platform. So, this helps in hosting the site on Shopify’s optimized servers. This ultimately makes it easy for you as now you’ll not have to host the site on your servers.  On platforms like Magento, you’ll have to set up a specific server to run it smoothly but Pixelette Technologies with its Shopify services can help you make the most out of this proficient e-commerce platform.

Security Updates:

Another advantage of using Shopify for your e-commerce website is the fact that Shopify is on a hosted platform and also these stores are built in their language. The security updates on your e-commerce websites will be done in the background without wasting your potential time. This will ultimately help you continuously generate profit revenue from your online store. Unlike some other platforms where you’ll need time to update it on your own which can cause your e-commerce website to break and lose your potential time and revenue while the developer fixes it.


Perhaps the biggest benefit of using Shopify for your e-commerce website is that Shopify has an app store and you can use it to increase the functionality of your e-commerce website. Moreover, all these applications on the Shopify store are cleared and approved by Shopify itself.  Pixelette Technologies as your Shopify partner provides you with several plugins vetted by Shopify, unlike some other platforms where you get many plugins not vetted by the related platform. This can ultimately cost you a lot while purchasing it and in the future as well when you need updates.


Another great thing about the Shopify websites is that these websites are customizable which will ultimately put you in control of your website. Moreover, you can get approved themes from the Shopify store to make your brand more eye-catching.

SEO and Marketing Tools:

Shopify has multiple marketing tools to help you market your online store and see several stats about your e-commerce website and its performance. Also, it has features to optimize your website for organic search engines which can further enhance your brand visibility. Moreover, on Shopify’s app store you get options that can help you extend your website.
Therefore, with these incredible benefits, Shopify is no doubt the best choice for your e-commerce development. You can create an online store of yours on this platform or also convert your previous one. So, contact a professional and experienced e-commerce development company like Pixelette Technologies today to create an engaging and secured online store.

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