Google's five insights : How to get noticed

Google Shares Simple Ways to Enter in Google Search

How to appear in Google News: Google’s Five Insights

The google company has shared five insights that site owners can use promptly to understand just how news appears on Google News and Google Search.

Google’s Five Insights:

Google’s answers the following frequently asked questions about news content in a new blog post:

Where does news appear on Google? Is my site eligible to appear in these places?

How do I know if my site is appearing? Is there anything I can do to improve my visibility?

I’m following Google’s advice.

Why is my site still not appearing?

The Google News app and both display news in two ways.

In the “For You” section, users can access news based on their interests, while the “Headlines” section displays the same set of news stories to all users in a particular region.

News links are also shown in the Top Stories carousel and in the News tab on Google Search.

Google News indexes sites based on the following criteria:

Has a high level of expertise, authority, and trustworthiness.

Produces original news content consistently.

Complies with Google’s News policies. Publishers previously had to apply to appear in Google News, but in 2019 that requirement was dropped.

Advice for site-owners:

Site owners should look at their Search Console performance reports to see if their content appears in Google News.

Check both the Google News report and the Google Search report (filtered to the News search type).

They indicate whether a site receives traffic from Google News and if news surfaces within Google Search.

Google notes that while the site: search query can be used on Google News or the News tab to see if pages are indexed, it does not mean that those pages will appear in news searches.

Google’s system:

When Google’s systems identify content that should appear in news, its ranking is determined automatically based on a variety of factors, including:

Aspects of relevance, Influence, Credibility, Freshness, Location, Language. Publisher Center can be used to manage content deemed eligible, but eligibility is determined automatically.

Publisher Center owners cannot force content into Google News, for example.

Google stresses the importance of regularly publishing authoritative and expert original news content.

If a site follows that advice, it should appear on Google’s news surfaces.

Google’s systems monitor content regularly and will recognize if a site has improved its content to meet this criterion. 

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