John Mueller says you should have a SEO side hustle

Google’s John Mueller: “Now’s The Perfect Time” For An SEO Side Hustle

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Google’s John Mueller says that the new Page Experience update will make it easier for SEOs to start as seo side hustle, provided they upgrade their skills accordingly.

“Now is the perfect time to level up and get paid well for it,” says Mueller in response to an SEO on Reddit.

As a result of the Page Experience update, there is a growing need for SEOs talent. Mueller says that one must advance one’s skill set to meet this demand.

All site owners will soon need to optimize their website to meet Core Web Vitals thresholds, in addition to other factors that Google takes into consideration to assess a good page experience.

John Mueller says you should have an SEO side hustle

Those with the technical skills to help site owners deliver optimal page experiences are well-positioned to benefit.

The context:

One Reddit user commented on yesterday’s announcement of Page Experience and noted the effort put in to meet all the requirements is worth it.
He wrote:

I started optimizing our company’s WordPress website in August last year and we saw a nice increase in organic traffic the very next month. However, the most dramatic increase happened this year – we’ve doubled the monthly organic sessions from January to March, thanks in large part to speed optimizations.”  Mueller replied: “Regarding side-hustle: speed improvements with an SEO mindset can be super-hard if you’ve never done it before. A good consultant who helps a site get into the green can be worth a lot of money.”

Mueller points out that there is a distinct difference between optimizing for page experience and implementing other SEO measures.

While the outcomes of other SEOs improvements are largely uncertain, when optimizing for page experience it is possible to check whether the work was done correctly with tools. 

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