Search Console reports dis-include generic rich results

Google Removing Generic Rich Results Filter from Search Console Performance Report

Search Console reports dis-include generic rich results
Search Console reports no longer include generic rich results

According to Google,

it has opted to remove the generic rich results option from the search appearance section in the Search Console performance report.

Therefore, you will no longer be able to see how your rich results are performing aggregated.

Since Google has breakout filters and reports for most individual rich results, such as event rich results, how to rich results, and many others, the deletion of this filter is not a real loss.  

Both the Google Search Console interface and API will remove this filter on August 1, 2021.

Google said it is being removed because Google already reports in the individual rich results and Google said it realizes “that grouping data for rich results is not ideal, as each type may have a significantly different behavior.

Therefore we decided to sunset the Rich result search appearance.” There will no longer be an appearance filter to view and report on “rich results” after August 1st.

Under the search appearance filter, you will only see rich results that your site qualifies for.  

It was made clear that this change will not affect your rankings or traffic.

Google’s Rich Result Types:

In Google’s words, “the removal of the search appearance will not affect your traffic; this is only a reporting change.”  

In Search Console, Google said it would continue to add rich result types.

It doesn’t mean that Google’s rich results will stop being reported on just because the filter is being removed.

Search Console will continue to be a source of insights for you, and we’ll continue to invest in the addition of rich result types.”

In Google Search Console’s performance report, you are losing a filter. Google says, however, that filter wasn’t extremely useful to you.

Rather than relying solely on the generic category of rich results, filter according to the specific type of rich results.

Google is retiring the generic rich results search appearance from Search Console performance reports. since most rich result types can now be filtered individually. This does not mean Google is removing rich results reporting from Search Console.

Google Says:

One of the filters that combined all rich results data into one view is being removed by Google. “A few years ago we created a generic “Rich results” search appearance group that included multiple rich result types, including those that didn’t have their own breakout row on Search Console.

This is not required anymore, since we now have breakouts for most rich result types, for example: Event, FAQ, HowTo, and more.”

At a time when granular reporting wasn’t available, grouping all data for rich results was the only option available.

Performance reports in Google Search Console now support 19 search appearance types. If a site qualifies for more than one rich result type, then combining all impressions into one metric is not that helpful.

The generic rich results search appearance is not required anymore,

Google says, since many of the supported rich result type have their own breakout row.

Traffic is not affected by the removal of the search appearance; it is only a reporting change.

In addition

Site owners will not lose any data, since the performance report in Search

Console will continue to display data on rich results in their own breakout rows. Up until August 1, Google will support the general rich results search appearance. The API and Search Console will no longer support it after that date.

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