Trends of 2020 by Google

Google Launches Pandemic Trends Overview

Trends of 2020 by Google

2020 was Covid-19’s year as the pandemic caused a global lockdown. In rather busy times, people had a chance to contemplate about life and find new personal interests.

In the era of information technology, everything is just a search away. Vast knowledge regarding everything is available, and it can be used for personal growth.

During the pandemic, people searched about numerous hobbies to make their time somewhat useful. Google has revealed something interesting for users to read about.

There’s an interesting innovation Google launched this week – it’s called Lockdown Trends, an overview of the hobbies and interests that saw the most search volume over the past year. 

In this instance, the listing provides information about what interest or hobby saw the biggest spike in search volume that day. 

You can search by categories, highlighting the segments noted for daily interest, or enter a query to search by subject.

By clicking on each hobby name in the graph, you’ll be taken to that SERP. It’s an interesting look at what’s trending over the past year, which might help guide your marketing efforts.

The study provides an interesting look at trends that have taken place over the past year, leading to more effective marketing.

Your company may sell supplies that can be used for certain hobbies, for instance. You could find out what key trends are more relevant to specific niches, which could help direct your campaigns.

These listings may also inspire you to search for new ways to link into your business, like outdoor activities that fit into your business or hobbies at home that fit your messaging. 

You might even come across something of general interest that you can use to frame your thoughts around pandemic activities.  In any case, it’s an interesting overview that may provide some benefit to research.

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