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Full-service digital marketing agency

Digital marketing is almost as old as the internet itself. Many strategies are used in digital marketing by a full-service digital marketing agency. SEO is perhaps the only old technique that has not become outdated. The importance of SEO has subsequently increased as compared to the other older techniques. To grow your business SEO is required. It helps to bring in the quality and quantity of traffic. The keyword is an important aspect of SEO but the time frame of how long the link has been created is also important. Approximately 60 percent of the pages are 3 or more years older. It creates the need for an effective digital marketing job and implementing strategies. Several companies follow these steps. Those companies include Pixelette UK as well.
The companies who took benefit from


Amazon tried a new strategy this Christmas. They released their first-ever toy catalog which was named “A Holiday of Play”. No matter how much time passes or how old a person gets.It still feels nostalgic while searching for toys. When one is flicking through the pages then it gets sentimental for the user.


Twitter used a different strategy. They had a frequent problem where often the users confused two different profiles. Twitter used a campaign where they just had used one of the profiles and publicized it. They made the “accidental” social media star John Lewis in their ad. This Christmas they made sure to turn their mistake into a good profit.


This Christmas ETSY developed a fine SEO strategy for their digital marketing jobs. They partnered up with Pinterest. Furthermore, this helped both the companies in getting quality and quantity traffic. This way ETSY targeted 87 percent of the Pinterest users.


Last year on Christmas POUNDLAND caused havoc on social media. They used the hashtag #NaughtyElf. On which they received a ban. This Christmas they have applied a different strategy for digital marketing. They made the hashtag #ElvesDoAds which carries an important message for the retailers. Their entire campaign cost only €76.59. Moreover, POUNDLAND says it is in contrast to the estimated £6.5billion spent on seasonal advertising. In a statement, POUNDLAND explains their small budget helps them “provide customers with amazing value every day”

Pixelette UK for digital marketing:

  • Experienced Employees:

Firstly, we at Pixelette Technologies became the best because of our employees. We have a highly experienced team that has worked on the inspection and takes great pride in our work and strives for consistent excellence.

  • Meeting deadlines

Every project has a deadline or a time constraint in which a project must be finished. Strategies, tactics, and tools for controlling delivery processes are the key features of our effective project management.

  • Cost and Quality

Finally, Pixelette Technologies knows how to strike a balance between the costs of services offered and the end quality delivered. Also, we take care that quality parameters are achieved.