British law enforcement losing fight against cyber fraudsters

Fraud squad chief claims police are LOSING the fight with criminal gangs

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British law enforcement losing the fight against cyber fraudsters

According to top senior fraud investigators, British Law Enforcement is struggling big to control the ever-increasing fraud calls and messages from a group of cybercriminal gangs to trick the public.

Graeme Bigger who is a senior fraud squad chief investigator says it’s extremely hard for police to keep track of these anonymous activities which are misleading the police. Therefore, it’s easy for these criminals to fraud vulnerable individuals using these spam calls and messages.

Graeme Bigger also director-general of the National Economic Crime Centre says according to him the police losing against these fraudsters, he further said it’s hard to accept the reality but the police are not winning. 

Mr. Bigger says he believes there’s a need for change in the police and further he added that about 30% of crimes reported are anonymous and police deal with only 1% of it. According to a report from the Telegraph, UK citizens lost a staggering amount of an estimated £479million to fraud messages about COVID19 vaccines and fines. 

Moreover, according to reports in newspapers this criminal has used the names of trusted organizations such as NHS and Royal Mail to trick vulnerable individuals into handing over cash. These fraudsters are using convincing forms with the names of NHS for COVID19 vaccines to trick the consumers into signing up for these forms and in the process give out their bank details.

Slough Borough Council has warned the public not to sign up for these forms. In last week the fraudsters have used Royal Mail which asked the consumers to pay before the delivery has tricked them into handing over thousands of dollars from their bank wallets.

According to some police reports out of 350000 frauds of these scams last year, only 1% of them went through to the prosecution. This is clever psychology being used to trick you before letting your conscience know about what’s happening. So, the experts have warned people to be aware of these fraudsters and that use their brains more quickly before getting themselves tricked.

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