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4 Features of Portal Development Services

What is Web Portal Development? A web portal is a single access point for different kinds of information. Web portal services require some more advanced site-building competence, including rich application development, client-side and server-side scripting, registration systems, and many more.

Web portal software helps you to bring information from different sources together, sharing content amongst a variety of branches, clients, and suppliers. Common examples of web portals that small and medium-sized enterprises deploy include:

  • Sales portal
  • Project management portal
  • Customer portal solution
  • Membership portal
  • CRM portal
  • HR portal
  • Intranet portal
  • Corporate portal

Pixelette Technologies:

Pixelette Technologies is a leading web development company in the UK. We are offering web development services, including Frontend development, Laravel development, Java development, PHP development, and Net development. Our eCommerce portal development services have some features that we have listed below:

Centralized Inventory Management

Nowadays, it is not essential how many products, does an eCommerce store carry or how big of a budget does it have. The important thing is that you should have a software to manage the inventory and other products effectively. According to the technical facts and figures, almost 87% of the companies are randomly using a warehouse management system. As the business faces growth and development with innovative technologies, it is essential to manage your online store inventory effectively in real-time. Likewise, many companies are offering these services, but our inventory management tools are more efficient and cost-effective.

Accurate Forecasts

If an organization runs an eCommerce website portal for their products and services, it is critical to take care of the procedure and sales of the products. The company must have a software to effectively manage the store inventory and arrive at an accurate forecast.

Dedicated IT Department

To analyze the process of sales and inventory computation, the company is responsible for having an independent department to manage everything included in the eCommerce website portal. Our portal developing services include development, designing, sales, ad running, and customer service. Everything under the expert department’s control can do wonders for the organization as well as the clients.

Drop-Shipping (direct delivery)

Our portal development services will help your drop-shipping department to manage your orders for delivery. As per the studies, you will notice that by the year 2021, worldwide eCommerce sales will reach almost 4.5 trillion dollars. It can be bad news for the package and shipping departments, as they would have to pack and dispatch those orders. So, small companies prefer drop shipping to suppliers to enhance small business inventories and products.

Complimentary Services:

We have some free services for our valuable customers to make long-lasting relationships.

  • Free domain for one year
  • Free hosting for one year
  • Secure sockets layer (SSL)
  • Twenty business emails
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Free SEO and SMM

Benefits of Web Portal Services:

  • Improved interaction
  • Enhanced awareness
  • Simplification of issues related to integration
  • Offering a single sign for a variety of applications
  • Supports for different portals
  • Offer improved customization
  • Providing flexible and user-friendly portals
  • Providing services to diverse domains