Facebook is disabling misinformative accounts

Facebook Outlines its Evolving Efforts to Fight Misinformation Ahead of New Investigation

House Energy and Commerce Committee investigation into how social platforms are tackling misinformation, Facebook has provided an overview of its evolving efforts to protect users better and decrease the distribution of false reports on its media. 

Fake news became a key focal point during the Trump administration. The former President regularly derided most mainstream media reportage as being false, which, in many ways, complicated enforcement efforts. But as social platforms have become more essential sources of information for more and people, Facebook, and others, have invested more heavily into addressing such efforts, which Facebook says has seen a significant reduction in fake reports gaining traction on its network.

As explained by Facebook

“It is tempting to think about misinformation as a single challenge that can be solved with a single solution. But eventually, that’s not deal. Thinking of it that way also misses the opportunity to address it comprehensively. Tackling misinformation actually must address issues including fake accounts, deceptive behavior, and misleading and harmful content.”


Here are some aspects that Facebook shows:

    • It has disabled more than 1.3 billion fake accounts between October and December of 2020
    • It has removed more than 100 networks of coordinated inauthentic behavior (CIB) – organizations seeking to use Facebook to manipulate and mislead to drive traffic towards a content. 
    • It’s built teams to address the financial benefits behind misinformation, addressing a key motivation.  
  • There are now over 35,000 people that are working on addressing misinformation, while it’s also made significant advances in AI detection. 

And it has the resources to improve its efforts due to that usage. But still, it is worth that no one has ever dealt with issues like this before on such a scale, and Facebook is still developing its systems in line with this.Facebook is striving for removing fake news and posts that increases engagements without real stats. It has disabled 1.3 billion fake accounts. 

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