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Facebook execs reportedly knew misinformation

Researchers asks Facebook to slow down Facebook groups

Researchers asks Facebook to slow down Facebook groups

Since the infamous incident of the US Capital riot on Jan 6, Facebook has been doing its bit to stop the extremism and call for violence on its platform. Moreover, the researchers have asked the executives to watch out for the major political group as these problems are at their peak there. According to data scientists’ reports, most of these groups were full of hate speech, bullying, misinformation, and harassment. Understandably, they have asked the authorities to slow down the growth of these major groups to stop this violation. In November last year, the authorities at Facebook had shut down a group with more than 364000 members for violating Facebook’s community standards after spreading misinformation about voter fraud. They had also put many groups on probation period for similar violations. According to The Wall Street Journal, Facebook had taken these steps for temporary measures and not for permanent solutions. But the executives at Facebook have said that they are taking certain decisions to stop these violations on Facebook especially in the big groups of Facebook. Understandably, most of the misinformation hate speech has been found in the groups. Therefore, Facebook is taking certain steps where a member who is about to join a group will be notified whether this group has been violating Facebook community standards or not. Moreover, the authorities at Facebook will further limit the invite notifications so that fewer people are there in the group. Also, Facebook will limit the content sharing of these groups so that less content is shown on the news feeds. Facebook will also start questioning the group admins to review the posts before they are shared on the groups to lower the chances of hate speech. If that group still shares hate speech the Facebook authorities will take the entire group down.

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