mind-blowing features of Clubhouse you need to know

What Do You Need to Know About Clubhouse App?

Clubhouse is an audio-exclusive app with premium features.

Apple device and invitation from an active user are the foremost prerequisites to join the app.

Once you become a member, the enthralling feature is that you only get a limited number of invites to share.  Use them wisely!

How to Create Your Clubhouse Profile

Upon receiving the invitation from an active user, you must choose your username immediately.

To continue, you will be asked to connect your other social media account, for instance, Twitter or Instagram. However, bio limits here are more than other social networking platforms.

mind-blowing features of Clubhouse you need to know

How to Navigate Clubhouse

Once the initial steps are completed, you are good to go for interaction.

For illustration, here are the five icons that would appear on your profile.

  • Magnifying glass: It helps you to search for the people and stuff you look for.
  • Envelope: To invite a user, you must select this icon and type the user’s name
  • Calendar: Here you will find upcoming activities and events based on your interest.
  • Bell: Alerts you when a new notification hits up
  • Profile picture: This allows you to a peek into your timeline

Get Started on Clubhouse App with Meaningful Interactions

Here is the exciting part! For now, Clubhouse only involves audio chats with no functionality.

Next, you need to enter the “hallway” which is your home page.

Tap on explore button if you don’t find anything interesting there.

Once you find something, enter that room

  • In the Audience

After entering a room, you become a part of the audience.

However, if you would like to come on stage and address the audience, then you need to ask for permission from the moderator.

  • On Stage

Upon the invitation, a green bar will signal you to make sure that you are invited.

So, How Can You Use Clubhouse App?

As a diverse platform, there are not only the diverse user but also diverse speakers.

That covers a variety of topics from a different perspective by which you can learn about all the real estate agents, brand strategist, and a videographer. Roam around a bit to see what the platform has to offer.

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