Google’s Insight page and advertisers’ testimonials

Experts Share Their Tips As Google’s Insights Page Rolls Out Globally

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Google’s Insight page and advertisers’ testimonials
Marketers who use Google Insight can take action on consumer search trends and stay on top of trends.
It includes data specific to the advertisers’ account, as well as trending data along with recommendations that suggest steps the advertiser business takes to address these trends.
Advertisers can use the Insight Page to see overarching search trends to monitor change and seasonal trends.
Users can utilize Google’s search trending tools to dig deeper into search trends. Advertisers can filter by region to see which keywords are driving traffic.
Google’s help documentation refers to the ability to analyze search trends by state, although the data appears to be at the global scale so far. 

Advertiser’s Testimonials:

Many advertisers have remarked how useful Google’s Insight page is.
“The Insights tab provides an opportunity to expand demographics and personas, to know what searches, categories, and audiences are trending, but like with any Google’s Insight tool, take the information with a grain of salt and ensure that it will meet your goals.” – Matt Umbro, Key Account Director at Brain labs.
Pamela Lund notes that Page Insights is helpful to help further contextualize client performance, in addition to adjusting spend to take advantage of trends.
Navah Hopkins found the tool invaluable, but also noted its shortcomings, such as the limitation of filtering on a more detailed level and the broad nature of the terms used for monitoring, which advertisers have no control over. 
“The data surfaced is really interesting and has helped me find keywords (both negative and positive).
I probably get more bang for the buck from adding negatives since Google is matching a lot of the “positive” opportunities through close variants.” – Robert Brady, Owner of Righteous Marketing. 

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