Crypto Leaopards

In the era of blockchain, the “Phosphorus Token” emerges as a compelling project under the Crypto Leopards community, aiming to rekindle a global passion for wildlife conservation and sustainable living. By harnessing reflection technology, the project creates a conducive environment for community members to earn, trade, and utilize tokens in a marketplace focused on eco-conscious products and services.

Executive Summary

Pixelette Technologies unveils the groundbreaking “Phosphorus Token,” a project that merges cutting-edge reflection technology with a noble cause. The initiative facilitates passive income for token holders from every transaction, while allocating a portion of the proceeds towards wildlife conservation and eco-sustainability efforts. The Phosphorus Token not only embodies financial growth for the community but also stands as a beacon for environmental altruism in the burgeoning realm of digital currencies.


Features Developed

The journey of developing “Phosphorus Token” led to the creation of several features:
  • Reflection Technology: A mechanism where a reflection tax from every transaction is distributed among token holders, incentivizing long-term holding.
  • Eco-Conscious Green Token: Non-mintable tokens aligning with eco-sustainability.
  • Auto Burning Process: A feature to send tokens to a burning wallet, aiding in value appreciation over time.
  • Phosphorus Conservation Pool: A dedicated pool receiving 5% of the transactions for wildlife and environmental conservation projects.
  • Virtual Marketplace: A platform for community members to access, trade, and utilize their tokens for eco-friendly products and services.
  • 3-tier Affiliate Programs: Rewarding active community engagement and fostering a thriving ecosystem.

Problem Statement

The dual challenge was to democratize wealth generation through a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) while ensuring a significant positive impact on wildlife conservation and environmental sustainability. The need for a seamless mechanism to distribute rewards and channel funds towards eco-initiatives was paramount.

Technical Solutions

Leveraging blockchain technology, smart contract systems, and reflection technology, Pixelette Technologies crafted a robust platform for the Phosphorus Token. The technological solutions ensured seamless transaction processing, secure token holding, and efficient distribution of reflection tax among holders.

Results and Benefits

The “Phosphorus Token” now stands as a testament to how blockchain technology can be harnessed for both financial growth and environmental sustainability. The project has successfully laid the foundation for a thriving community dedicated to eco-conscious living and wildlife conservation.


The successful deployment of “Phosphorus Token” by Pixelette Technologies marks a significant stride towards a new paradigm where digital currency projects contribute to a greater cause. As the Crypto Leopards community continues to flourish, the Phosphorus Token is poised to leave a lasting legacy for generations to come, embodying the essence of innovative impact-driven blockchain projects.