The background

E-commerce mobile apps give access to buy or sell online through a mobile app and promote products as efficiently as possible using the mobile application. Additionally, this e-commerce app reflects its purpose to its clients as it was specifically developed for this purpose.



Pixelette Technologies’ main challenge was developing an engaging application that met the client’s unique requirements. The application’s main functionality was to ease the process of buying and selling the products online. As a team, we decided to work closely with the client to develop an interactive and intuitive mobile application based on their ideas.

Technologies and framework

The front end and back-end of this application were developed using different technologies by our team of mobile application developers. React Native was used for the application’s front-end, while Node JS was used for the back-end. Flutter was also used for the front-end of the application.

React & Node.js

The process

Key functionality

Designing UI/UX in a unique way

Multi-vendor system

Interactive dashboard

A Comprehensive Referral System


We used React Native and Node JS as our main frameworks in order to build a responsive e-commerce mobile application. In the development of the application, there were several key elements, one of which was a multi-vendor option. The referral system for the application was another important aspect we worked on.

The feedback by the Client