Diamond NXT is a renowned jewellery manufacturer that has been operating for over 50 years. Recently, the company decided to expand its operations by launching a diamond-backed NFT marketplace. Diamond NXT reached out to Pixelette Technologies to design its NFT marketplace. This would be Diamond NXT’s opening move with blockchain technology.


Diamond NXT’s challenge was creating a digital marketplace for their diamond-backed NFTs that would ensure the security and authenticity of their diamonds. The marketplace had to be built on the Ethereum platform. Furthermore, ERC721 smart contract had to be implemented to ensure the authenticity of the diamonds. Sellers could create NFTs to represent their diamonds and offer them for auction or sale. The platform also needed to provide a secure transfer of ownership, complete with Diamond Certificate verification.
Technologies &
We used the following technologies to develop Beowulf:
Diamond NXT partnered with Pixelette Technologies to address this challenge to create a diamond-backed NFT marketplace. Our team built the marketplace on an ERC721 smart contract and utilised a minting functionality to allow sellers to create unique NFTs for each diamond.
Additionally, the platform provided an auction and fixed-price functionality, allowing sellers to choose their preferred selling method. The platform also provided secure transfer of ownership and Diamond Certificate verification for each diamond-backed NFT. Pixelette Technologies’ team also implemented a ‘Connect Wallet’ feature that used the MetaMask digital wallet for transactions.
The diamond-backed NFT marketplace launched successfully. Moreover, Diamond NXT attracted many buyers and sellers thanks to Pixelette Technologies. Our developed platform provided a seamless experience for users, with an intuitive user interface to browse and purchase NFTs. The platform also provided an additional revenue stream for Diamond NXT, as they could sell their diamonds directly to buyers through our developed NFT marketplace. Our solution provided a secure and transparent way to trade diamonds, with each NFT representing a unique diamond. A Diamond Certificate would back each diamond. The platform provided a game-changing method to buy, sell, and transfer ownership of diamonds.

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