Decentralized Identity & Access Management System

Our international standard DApp blockchain application development will help your business reach incredible heights. Our team is famous for using the latest technology, backed up with amazing skills. Contact us for a free consultation today.
Security features
Pixelette Technologies utilises grade-A level security to develop cryptocurrency exchange platforms. These are our security features:
HTTP authentication
This security mechanism will allow your users to verify themselves if they decide to use your services.
Data encryption
We encrypt all of your project’s data by using only the best encryption techniques. Therefore, your project remains totally safe.
Jail login
After multiple failed attempts, we will prevent any further logins into your cryptocurrency exchange platform. However, this has a cool down period.
DDoS prevention
Our security protocols prevent DDoS attacks on your cryptocurrency exchange platform by cleverly detecting the source of the attack.
CSRF prevention
Pixelette Technologies’ intelligent security protocols will protect your crypto exchange platform from Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF) attacks. This is done by verifying the actions of users on your platform.
SSRF prevention
Your cryptocurrency exchange platform is safeguarded from internal attacks with our security protocols.
HTTP parameter pollution prevention
Our methodical security plans can also prevent HTTP parameter pollution attacks. This is done by filtering the polluted parameter, therefore neutralising the attack.
Why choose us?
Efficient staff

Our highly trained shbtaff has years of experience in developing decentralised apps. The Pixelette Technologies team is trained using the finest techniques to deliver the best DApp development services. Likewise, our skill is backed up with the latest technology.

Excellent portfolio
Pixelette Technologies is internationally famous for DApp development services. In addition to our experienced staff, we have an excellent portfolio to back up our reputation. Our clients include industry leaders as well as many medium to large scale enterprises.
Customisable model
Our DApp development packages are fully customisable. This means that our packages can be perfectly tailored to every budget and every requirement. At Pixelette Technologies, we always have the right package for you.
Awards & Recognitions
We combine contemporary ideas with extensive experience to create success stories. This is why we take pride in being recognised as one of the most reliable, innovative and leading blockchain solution providers worldwide.
Technological Foundation
The Pixelette Technologies team is outfitted with the best tools and technologies for developing your DApp. Whether you desire ethereum blockchain development, Binance smart chain development, etc., we always have the right tools for the job.

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Frequently ask questions
On request we can send you a link that will take you to our design portfolio.

We always aim to be responsive to our clients. We will not take on work that we cannot commit to.

This depends on how complex the requirements are. We can give firm timescales once we know what the ask is. 

We will align our UX/UI experts along with a dedicated account manager who will be in place throughout the project lifecycle. 

As our client base is global, we use platforms such as Zoom to interact with clients. We can also agree on other approaches to meet the client’s needs. We aim to have a minimum of fortnightly meetings to review progress.