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Pixelette Technologies is an internationally well-established provider of DeFi app development services. Our customisable DeFi development packages are designed to cater to a wide range of budgets and necessities. We are dedicated to providing tailored solutions that meet the unique needs of our clients. Contact us today for a free quote.
DeFi services we offer
Decentralised Finance (DeFi) is a technology that enables peer-to-peer financial services without intermediaries like central banks or regulators. Our DeFi services are usually built on the Ethereum blockchain. However, they can also be built on other blockchains as well.

DeFi strategy

Our firm specialises in creating DeFi strategies for businesses by identifying use cases, evaluating feasibility and by creating a roadmap. We also provide custom platform development, tokenization, smart contract development, consulting, and security audits.

DeFi design

The expert team at Pixelette Technologies can also design DeFi apps for clients. We achieve this by creating wireframes, mockups, defining user experience and developing smart contracts for integration. We are well-versed in the DeFi ecosystem and deliver high-quality, user-friendly, apps.

Smart contract development

We assist clients in designing and developing smart contracts for specific business requirements. We also perform security reviews and audits of deployed smart contracts as well in addition to providing ongoing maintenance.

DeFi development

Our expert team develops your DeFi platform with useful services like use case identification, custom platform development, smart contract development and UI/UX design. We ensure a compliant and a user-friendly experience for all users of your DeFi platform.

Deployment and maintenance

In this service, we assist clients in deploying their DeFi applications. This involves providing ongoing maintenance and support to ensure smooth performance. Our team addresses issues and provides important updates. Upon request, we can also upgrade your existing DeFi platform.

DeFi solutions we offer
DeFi enables peer-to-peer transactions without intermediaries. This offers multiple benefits such as reduced costs and faster processing times. Pixelette Technologies offers the following DeFi solutions:

Decentralised lending and borrowing platform

Pixelette Technologies can program peer-to-peer (P2P) lending and borrowing platforms. These use smart contracts on the blockchain with low-interest rates for borrowers and higher returns for lenders. We can also incorporate a ‘flash loan’ system for incredible short-term loans as well.

Decentralised insurance platforms

We can create innovative DeFi-based insurance platforms that secure policyholder investments on the blockchain. Our insurance platforms are safeguarded against theft, hacking, and tampering.

Decentralised asset management platforms

Pixelette Technologies can provide a decentralised investment platform for easy and secure management of digital assets. Additionally, we also offer custom token creation and portfolio management solutions for your digital assets.

Decentralised payment and settlement systems

Pixelette Technologies provides fast, secure, and cost-effective decentralised payment and settlement systems. This solution covers asset tokenizations, token staking platforms and dividend payment methods among a few solutions available under this heading.

Decentralised prediction markets

The decentralised prediction markets we develop can turn simple ideas about DeFi and cryptocurrency into a profitable reality. This is accomplished through a prediction market that allows community members to invest in smart contracts and earn rewards.


DeFi crowdfunding is one of the quickest and most innovative ways to source funding for your business. Our crowdfunding solutions allow both businesses and individuals alike to access funding from a global pool of investors for their start-up.

Yield farming

As a premier DeFi development company, we specialise in creating elite yield farming platforms that utilise the latest smart contract technology. Our platforms offer a user-friendly experience and advanced features, such as flash loans, to maximise returns for our clients' crypto investments.

Technological foundation

technology platform


What are the benefits of decentralised finance (DeFi)?
DeFi is a technology that utilises the Ethereum blockchain to provide financial transparency and security without centralised institutions. It enables peer-to-peer (P2P) transactions. This allows users to unlock increased liquidity and growth opportunities while promoting a more inclusive financial system. Benefits of DeFi are as follows:
Transactions are executed automatically by smart contracts. This eliminates the need for third-party involvement while also increasing efficiency.
Rapid transactions
DeFi applications do not require minimum balances and use blockchain technology for added security and transparency. Our DeFi platforms greatly benefit from minimal processing times.  
DeFi products can operate across multiple blockchain platforms, thanks to the reusable programming language we use. This allows us to create a diverse and interconnected ecosystem where everyone can take full advantage of decentralised finance.
All important information is publicly available while also being impossible to alter. This promotes an increased level of trust among users and allows for more informed decisions that will benefit a given community as a whole.  
Transactions often involve the use of tokens, which can be used as collateral for loans or as a means of obtaining fractional ownership in high-value assets such as real-estate, historical museum pieces and even classical works of art.  
Our DeFi development process
The Pixelette Technologies team develops your DeFi platform over a series of organised steps. Our methodical
approach to delivery ensures the best possible outcome for your project. Here are the different stages in our development process.
We expertly guide clients through the complexities of decentralised finance, starting with a thorough consultation to identify specific needs and goals. A detailed roadmap outlining foundations and milestones is then created, ensuring a well-planned and precise execution of projects.
Pixelette Technologies understands the importance of choosing the right blockchain platform for a successful DeFi project. Our team has specialised expertise in various platforms, including Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Hyperledger, and Solana. We will work with clients to evaluate their needs so that we can recommend them the best-suited platform for optimal performance and scalability.
An alpha build of the DeFi application is created, but further testing and refinement is needed before release. Our team thoroughly tests the application, eliminates bugs, and gathers feedback for suggestions for improvements and new features for optimal functionality.
Beta testing is conducted to ensure readiness for deployment, identifying and resolving any remaining bugs. Rigorous testing and fine-tuning result in a high-quality, bug-free application.
Final approval is sought before deploying the product to the blockchain network, with regular performance reports provided for ongoing optimization.
We provide ongoing support and maintenance, including identifying and fixing bugs. We add new features to keep the app up-to-date and efficient in the constantly evolving DeFi industry.
Why work with Pixelette
We are a globally established DeFi development company that stands at the forefront of the financial revolution.
Below are some major reasons why many choose to work with us for their DeFi project:

Experienced Team

Pixelette Technologies boasts a team of experts with vast knowledge in decentralised finance and the latest industry trends. Our team has a wealth of experience in developing advanced DeFi platforms on various blockchain networks using cutting-edge technology. Allow us to deliver exceptional DeFi solutions that meet your needs and stay ahead of the curve. .

Affordable packages

We offer cost-effective DeFi development solutions without compromising on quality. Our services are fully customisable, catering to clients with diverse requirements and budgets. Our flexible approach allows us to work with businesses of all sizes, ensuring personalised attention for every client.


We use open-source technology for our DeFi development. This provides transparency to the public while simultaneously building trust with clients. This ensures tamper-proof project information and a verifiable record of our work.
Awards & Recognitions
At Pixelette Technologies, we seamlessly integrate cutting-edge concepts with our extensive expertise to deliver unparalleled success. This is why we are proud to be acknowledged as a world-famous provider of blockchain solutions.
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