cybersecurity vulnerabilities

Cybersecurity threats with Netop software

Cybersecurity threats are increasing by the day globally. Due to the increase in internet users, cybercriminals have found even more ways to exploit vulnerabilities online. These activities have risen sharply during the pandemic as the world stopped for a while, people started to spend more and more time online. This proved to be a gateway for criminals to steal people’s data through fraudulent activities.

In these troubled times, all the educational institutes opted for online teaching to minimize the effects of Covid-19 and lockdowns on the educational sector. Universities chose numerous software and applications to interact with students online and carry out lectures in routine. Netop remote learning software is one widely used platform for students and teachers to continue the learning process. However, cybersecurity researchers recently discovered loopholes in the software that could possibly be used for hacking.

cybersecurity vulnerabilities

There are multiple critical vulnerabilities discovered that a malicious attacker could abuse to gain unauthorized control over Windows computers. The McAfee labs advanced threat research team said:

“These findings allow for elevation of privileges and ultimately remote code execution which could be used by a malicious attacker within the same network to gain full control over students’ computers.”

The sequence of reported vulnerabilities started in December 2020; however, the Denmark-based company resolved the issues in the following update. Netop has over 3 million active users, and it is considered one of the top companies. Still, their application was exploited by cybercriminals. So, it’s time to ponder on how vulnerable are small businesses?

After it was initially found out, a complete investigation uncovered several other cybersecurity vulnerabilities. Out of many, CVE-2021-27193 was rated as the most critical one with a CVSS rating of 9.5 out of 10.

It goes without saying, the consequences of such exploitation could be devastating. In action against the report, Netop has fixed most of the vulnerabilities and hopes to do so in the future.

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