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Top Ten Cybersecurity Protection Companies in the World

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We all are aware that cybersecurity threats certainly exist and could be very damaging for the data of an organization. While it continues to grow and evolve at a rapid pace, we want to alert you with the top ten cybersecurity protection companies in the world which are given below.  

  • Pixelette Technologies: A leading cybersecurity protection company in the world that offers application security, network security, cloud security, and network infrastructure.  
  • Palo Alto Networks: This organization may not be on the top list but it certainly provides top-quality firewalls, end-point protection, and cloud security.  
  • McAfee Networks: This has been a major player for cybersecurity platforms that have been providing anti-virus, identity protection, SIEM, endpoint protection, and secure web gateways.  
  • Broadcom: Broadcom provides advanced security protection, endpoint security, and encryption.  
  • Proofpoint: Proofpoint offers multiple protection for your network that includes network sandboxing, cloud protection, and security training.  
  • Fortinet: This organization offers cloud security monitoring, network infrastructure security, and application security.  
  • Knowbe4: This helps the victims of ransomware and malware by providing phishing security to the users. 
  • Cisco: It has expanded into larger security and storage and has built a wide range of security products like firewalls, intrusion protection, and malware protection. 
  • Microsoft: Microsoft security has built a larger security protection portfolio for many years as it provides security for access and identity management and also provides Azure cloud security.  
  • Splunk: It is the darling of IT management market service and has been widely used to perform security analytics

These certain cybersecurity companies provide the best possible security to your networking.  

Cyber security Threats  

Cybersecurity threats have been more aggressive than ever as it is growing rapidly across the globe. These threats set the fundamentals for damaging the data. The latest cyber threats that had been built in the world are given below 

  • Dridex malware: This is the trojan virus with a range of capabilities that involve malware attacks. 
  • Romance scams: Romance scam does criminal things through dating sites and can also enter in chat rooms and steal personal data. 
  • Emotet malware: This software steals data in a sophisticated way and loads other malware attacks. 

The Scale of Cyber Threats  

With the scale of cyber threat set to continue to rise which predicts that the cybersecurity solutions will reach up to a massive amount.  

Challenges of Cybersecurity  

Mitigating cybersecurity protection could be very challenging sometimes when you move to remote working and have less control over device security. 

How to Approach  

This ensures your efforts are focused where they are needed by using cybersecurity risk assessment to identify and evaluate your risk.  

Best Practices  

Through these recommended cybersecurity protection companies your protection could reach a top-down approach. That leads the charge in prioritizing cybersecurity management. It ensures the company assets and restores all the normal operations till they are protected.  


So, cybersecurity protection is widely considered by small as well and large organizations for safer and secure networks. These security measures must be taken into consideration by any means necessary to prevent your data and network from being damaged or stolen.