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What are the different kinds of Cyber Security threats?

cyber security threats

A cyber security threat is a malicious act of harming a system or network by gaining entry or deploying harmful software or virus.

Decades ago, viruses and malware were the only common threats to networks or computers. With the advancement of technology, cyber threats have also evolved. These days the cyber security threats pose a danger and cost data loss worth billions every year. Moreover, Cyber security has grown into a full-fledged industry that offers solutions to potential cyber security threats.

Let us take a look at some of these noxious issues that jeopardize the Cyber security.

Cloud Hi-jacking

Cloud Hi-jacking, or Cloud Hi-jacking, is an attack on the cloud. In other words, it is unauthorized access to someone’s data in the cloud. It can pose a severe threat if a company’s confidential files or someone’s data is located in the cloud. Inadequate cloud protection can result in the loss of essential data files.

Internal attacks and unauthorized logins

Cyber security threats are not always external or originate outside the company. Attacks from within the company are reasonably common. In addition to that, employees illegally accessing the company’s sensitive files can also result in information leaks and the falling of data into the wrong hands.

Ransomware attack

These cyber attacks encrypt the users’ files and threat to publish the data online unless the demanded ransom is paid. Such attacks mostly occur when the attacker accesses bank data files. These attacks are also becoming common in Health care facilities and hospitals.

Password attacks

It is the act of cracking a password to gain uninterrupted access to the person or company’s account. The attacker gets the password and logs into the account without suspicion. This type of attack removes the possible hurdle of access restriction as it is an authorized login.

Vulnerable IoT devices

These are smart devices that exchange data over the internet. IoT devices can also result in data loss. The majority of these devices are not encrypted and connects to the internet without any firewall. Data traffic flowing through these devices can fall victim to any outside attack.


The cyber security threat is real and ever-growing. Contrary to popular belief, Cyber security does not require a large monetary investment to set-up. It is a multi-sectorial approach that includes human interventions, knowledge, and awareness about possible threats. Robust action plans, incident report systems, and round-the-clock surveillance can mitigate cyber security risk.

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