4 benefits of Custom web design services

Seven essential steps of the Custom web design process

There are many options to adopt for web designing, and you can do it through drag and drop options and templates. To attract more customers and get a fully-functional web solution, you should hire a professional custom web design and development services.

Pixelette Technologies:

Pixelette Technologies has years of experience in developing attractive, innovative, and responsive web designs. We provide custom web design services to our customers to attract more customers and get better market share among their rivals. Our experienced and agile designers following steps to complete a project:

Goal Identification:

Here our teamwork with the client to discuss serving areas of the website and its purposes to determine a new website’s goal.

Scope Identification:

After knowing the website’s goal, we define the scope, such as the required features for pages to fulfill that goal and the timeline for building that features.

Sitemap and Wireframe Creation:

At this stage, we can start digging into the wireframe to interrelate features that we have defined in scope identification.

Content Creation:

Now we have a bigger picture of the project in our minds and start creating content for every page. We do this by keeping in mind the techniques of search engine optimization to focus on a single point, which is vital for creating every stage.

Visual Elements:

With the site architecture and content creation, we can start working on the site’s visual elements. Depending on the demand of the client, this may already be well-defined in previous stages. 


As your custom web design service provider, we have done everything on your pages and defined how your site will look like to your users, and make sure everything is working well. Combine manual browsing of your site on various devices so that automated crawlers can identify broken links and user-experience issues.

Launch Time:

Once everything is working beautifully on your website, it’s time to launch it. It includes launch and communication strategies like when will you throw it and how the world will know about it?

Features of Our Services:

With the leading web designing company, you will get the finest web design services for your business website. Here are some features of our services you should know:

Save Time and Money

For average website design projects, we provide custom web design results within a few hours. Our web design services start at a low price to accommodate all budget issues.

More Creativity

It would be best if you chose Pixelette Technologies, and you will receive heaps of website design ideas from freelance web designers worldwide to compete with your rivals with the best solutions.

A world of web Design

Professional and experienced freelance web designers worldwide are ready to create the perfect website for your business.

Money-Back Guarantee

If you didn’t get satisfactory results from web designs and a perfect website for your business, get your money back.

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