Chillow - Roommate Finder Mobile Application

Chillow sought Pixelette Technologies’ expertise to solve the challenges of finding reliable roommates and to streamline the roommate matching process.

Executive Summary

Pixelette Technologies engineered the Chillow Mobile Application, a revolutionary roommate-finding platform. It features background checks, ID verification, in-app video chat, and 3D virtual tours, creating a safe and efficient environment for users to find trustworthy roommates.


Project Objective

Develop a feature-rich mobile app for safe and informed roommate matching.


  • Guaranteeing user safety and credibility.
  • Offering an engaging platform for exploring living arrangements.

Pixelette Technologies' Solutions

  • Incorporated robust verification features for user safety.
  • Developed innovative in-app communication tools and virtual tours for a realistic experience.


  • Launched a successful app, helping users find credible roommates.
  • Applauded for novel features like 3D virtual tours and secure in-app communication.

Client Feedback

Chillow praised the app for its safety features and user-friendly design.


The Chillow Mobile Application, developed by Pixelette Technologies, has redefined the online roommate-finding experience, setting new standards with its innovative features and focus on user safety and satisfaction.