The Background

CAST Lighting is a perimeter security lighting provider that offers advanced lighting solutions to its clients. Based in New Jersey, CAST Lighting has over 20 years of experience in delivering low-cost, low-maintenance, low-voltage perimeter security lighting solutions. CAST Lighting is considered one of the USA’s top perimeter security lighting companies. When we received the project, the website had several issues. There were over 12000 technical errors on the website that needed to be dealt with. Additionally, there was a lack of revenue, with the company only generating a net revenue of $ 100,000 annually.

Boost Organic Traffic

Increase Brand Awareness

Generate More Revenue

Increase Site Authority

When we were assigned to the project, the website had several technical issues. We took on the challenge of revitalising CAST Lighting’s website and generating more traffic. By handling all aspects of their SEO, we helped the business grow its digital footprint and attract more clients. It took us 45 days to deal with over 12,000 technical errors on the website. Our main target was to boost the company’s sales by generating more traffic and bringing in more revenue.
The Campaign
As part of our campaign, we initially conducted an in-depth competitor analysis and content audit. We then devised a link-building strategy and executed it by guest posting. This helped us increase the site’s authority through an effective SEO strategy. We conducted research on over 110 clients from the industry, which enabled us to gather the information needed to execute the ideal SEO strategy for CAST Lighting.

The Keywords

During the implementation of our SEO strategy, we conducted extensive research into the client’s market and competitors, which assisted us in identifying related keywords to use in the optimisation process.

“Security Lighting”



“Fence Lighting”



“Led Lights for fence”



“Perimeter Security”



Our SEO Process
Our SEO process consists of several different steps. The initial objective of the SEO experts is to analyse and research the requirements set forth by the client. This helps them devise a strategy that perfectly meets the client’s needs. After the research and analysis stage, we move on to the execution of the strategy, after which minor changes are made to ensure the strategy follows all SEO best practices.

The results

As a result of our thorough optimisation for CAST Lighting, their website improved its ranking on Google’s search engine results pages, resulting in increased organic traffic. Our efforts led to an increase in CAST Lighting’s net revenue from $100,000 to $1,200,000. Pixelette Technologies also brought in 40 new clients for the business through their efforts. Furthermore, due to our extensive efforts, we were able to raise the website’s bounce rate to 54.75% and the total traffic to 77,146.



The feedback by the Client