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ystral is a fast-growing, owner-managed company active in mechanical and industrial engineering. They are providing services on designing and building custom mixing, dispersing machines and powder wetting machines and specialised mixing, dispersing and powder wetting systems for fluid mechanical engineering.


Pixelette Technologies started working on their website in June 2018. We analyzed and researched about the keywords. The condition of their website and keywords wasn’t boding well for the business. Our SEO experts had to work so hard.
The business came to Pixelette Technologies in June 2018 with the condition of their business poor at that point.
1-Website was not responsive and user friendly
2-The users on their website were only 63
3-None of the keywords were ranked


Pixelette Technologies started working on the website on 1st April 2020. First of all, our developers took a deep dive into the website issues and started resolving them to make the website look more appealing and responsive.

As we started working on improving the SEO of RoomsinHuddersfield, the client gave us the task to rank a minimum of 5 keywords on the first page on Google search results within three months. It was a challenging milestone to achieve considering the weak health of SEO. Nevertheless, our team was determined to satisfy the client and help the business grow.

ystral keywords ranking


The professionals at Pixelette Technologies took on the challenge given by our client. It was hard but our experts were as optimistic as ever. We were given the task to rank maximum keywords on the first few pages of Google search engine results page by the end of August 2018. It was difficult to achieve our target as the condition of SEO wasn’t a pleasant one. But, given the experience and talent of our SEO experts they took on the challenge and were able to rank hundreds of thousands of keywords for them. With the use of latest tools and technologies, we worked on on-page and off-page SEO to rank the trending keywords on top of the search engines for ystral.


The next big milestone achieved by our experts was to drive massive organic traffic to their website. With the use of highly effective AI tools, we were able increase the number of users on their website from around about 509 to a staggering number of 3m.

As a result, our client was more than happy from the services of our SEO experts. The task was very challenging and required a lot of effort from our professional team and they did everything customized to the needs of our client’s business needs.

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