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Webfixxim is a US-based digital marketing agency. They specialize in social media marketing and provide other services such as website design, SEO optimization, and mobile application development.
Webfixxim handed their marketing responsibility to Pixelette Technologies in December 2020. Their utmost goals were:
Increase account reach on Instagram
Increase user engagement
Generate sales from Instagram page


Pixelette Technologies started working on reviving the dead social media platform. Challenges that we faced in the beginning were:
1-No user engagement
2-Irregular posting
3-Irrelevant content


Pixelette Technologies started working on the website on 1st April 2020. First of all, our developers took a deep dive into the website issues and started resolving them to make the website look more appealing and responsive.

As we started working on improving the SEO of RoomsinHuddersfield, the client gave us the task to rank a minimum of 5 keywords on the first page on Google search results within three months. It was a challenging milestone to achieve considering the weak health of SEO. Nevertheless, our team was determined to satisfy the client and help the business grow.


Our digital media marketing experts analyzed business potential and narrowed down topics to post about. Webfixxim had the potential at the time but didn’t have the perfect execution of their idea. Pixelette Technologies started posting on the client’s Instagram page. Our content writer wrote fresh content using important keywords that helped increase account reach. We managed to reach 1031 accounts in one month.

Considering the worst situation at the beginning, we made significant progress in the first couple of months. The attached screenshot shows the improvement in Instagram account reach.

webixxim instagram reached
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