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Vistaprint helps small business owners create expertly designed, up-to-date custom marketing. They are best known for business cards and a wide range of customizable marketing products.

Pixelette Technologies took charge of promoting the business on 25th April 2016. Vistaprint gave us the task of achieving certain goals. The list included:

Rank major keywords
Increase organic traffic


Initially, when Pixelette Technologies started working on improving the business, the business was in a very substandard position. Challenges that we faced in the beginning were:
1- Duplicate content, ill-structured meta tags, and messy URLs, as a result, affected SEO.
2- None of the keywords were ranked
3- Very little traffic


Pixelette Technologies started working on the website on 25th April 2016. First of all, we worked on on-site SEO and did keyword analysis. It was not easy as the website was left completely unchecked before we started doing keyword research. Not only this, our SEO experts studied our client’s competitors and used the imperative information to Vistaprint’s benefit.

vista print - organic keywords ranking


As per the client’s demand, we were given the task to rank maximum keywords on the first few pages of Google search results. Despite the fact that our goals set by the client were unrealistic but not impossible. It was a challenging milestone to achieve considering the weak health of SEO. However, with the combination of experience and hard work, our SEO experts were able to rank a little more than four hundred and fifty thousand keywords to date.

The image shows some of the keywords that were ranked and traffic they brought to the website.


With our highly effective AI tools, we worked on on-page and off-page SEO to rank the trending keywords on top and higher than Vistaprint competitors. The second milestone to achieve was to bring organic traffic to the website. As we ranked keywords on top of the best search engines, simultaneously, traffic increased from 12763 to 2.4M today.

The image below highlights the exponential progress in organic traffic and the number of keywords ranked in a very short space of time. In conclusion, the client was more than satisfied with our expert SEO services. The task was challenging and required a lot of research on keywords and competitors to implement the best strategy that suits our clients’ needs.

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