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Property London is a digital platform showcasing inspirational homes in London, and the surrounding areas. Sell, let and invest in property with London’s leading Estate Agents & property advisers. Property London has more central London offices than any other Estate Agency. 

The business came to Pixelette Technologies in May 2020 and set a list of the goals they wanted to achieve through us. Their most important goal was:

Revive and restore unresponsive social media platforms

Rank at least two keywords within the first month

Increase organic traffic


When Pixelette Technologies joined hands with Property London to revive and restore their social media accounts the condition of those channels was below average. The biggest challenges we faced at the beginning included:
1-The social media accounts were very unresponsive
2-The reach and engagements ratio were close to nothing
3-No keywords ever ranked


Pixelette Technologies started working with Property London in May 2020. Given the condition of their social media accounts, it was quite hard at the start even for an experienced and expert team like the one we got at Pixelette Technologies. But our professional team brought in all the experience they had and analyzed the issues to find solutions accordingly.

Social Media Impact

After analyzing the flaws in our client’s social media accounts our professional wasted no time and started working on the project. The impact they made after was a jaw-dropping one as the actions on their Facebook page increased by 80% within 30 days. In the same period, the page views increased by 50%. Just like the likes and posts reach increased by 54% and 90% respectively. Our expert and passionate social media marketers don’t just stop there as they made sure that the followers increased by 54% and video views by 80% in just one month. This jaw-dropping performance did not come before the hard work and dedication put up by our team of professionals.

propery london - facebook analytics report

The next big challenge Pixelette Technologies brilliant-minded social media marketers had in their hands was to revive our client’s Twitter account and they did everything customized to our client’s business needs. The impact we had on their social media accounts was a self-telling one as the Tweets increased by 4.9% and at the same time, the Tweet impressions increased by 2.9%. Moreover, we made sure that the profile visits jumped up to 25.3%.

On expected notes, Property London’s owner was more than satisfied with our professional services and promised to work again with us in the future.

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