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Sotheby is a luxurious real estate company operating within and outside of the United States. They are currently operating in 75 countries and territories. With years of experience in the realtor field, the company was unable to attract more customers as the world moved to online marketing over the past few decades.
Even with financial backup and workforce to deploy worldwide, Sotheby was experiencing a downside in gaining traffic to their website. At first, Sotheby tried to revive their name through paid promotions but to no effect. Ultimately, to improve the situation, they hired an expert SEO agency to lift them out of their struggle. Pixelette Technologies acquired the business in May 2015 with a huge set of goals set by the client. Some of the goals were:
Leads Generation through website
Improve SEO and rank keywords on top of search engines
Increase traffic on the website
Rebranding the company name


Even though the website was in abysmal condition, Pixelette Technologies was committed to empowering the client’s business with improved SEO. The challenges were:
1-Irresponsive pages and dreadful user interface
2-The website had 75 On-site issues
3-Poor quality backlinks


In the beginning, it took some time to sort out the best possible strategies. We asked the client to participate in the planning phase and assist us regarding the market and the business. With a deep dive into their business, we learned that they could grow but lacked effective SEO and marketing strategies. After analyzing the market and latest trends with the customers’ emerging needs for real estate, our SEO experts started working on on-site SEO.

Keywords ranked on top of search engines

After a brief period of two months, our skilled team extracted the most searched and related keywords and successfully ranked 646,198 till recently. And at first, they had only 1293 keywords ranked. All was done with the client in the loop every step of the way. For details, we have attached the image below:

Increased traffic and improved content quality

Even after resolving many issues, there were still some remaining. Our SEO team realized that backlinks were not of adequate quality. Moreover, backlinks that our client’s competitors were using to attract traffic didn’t work on the client’s website. However, we worked on backlinks, and improved quality and effectiveness attract traffic to the website. By the end of March 2020, we successfully increased the traffic from 8210 to 400,989.

We have also attached an image of how keywords’ trends improved rapidly within their full capacity. We utilized our AI tools in both On-Page and Off-Page SEO. Furthermore, the content was not user-friendly, and it had duplication on many pages. Our content writer wrote exquisite content according to Google’s ever-changing algorithms.


In the end, Sotheby was more than satisfied with our SEO expert team. We improved backlinks, ranked keywords on the first pages of Google and other search engines, and increased its traffic.

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