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Nest is a retailer of beautiful, iconic, authentic, and future-proof furniture and lighting. Available online and via their UK showroom. Nest sells expertly curated brands that have the same thing in common: they are passionate about producing high quality, innovative and modern design. You’ll be spoilt for choice – their enviable collection of furniture, lighting, home accessories, and gifts means there’s something for everyone. The hardest part is in choosing.
Nest came to Pixelette Technologies in November 2020 with several goals to be achieved. The most goals they asked us to achieve include:
Revive the social media accounts
Increase the number of likes and followers


When Pixelette Technologies started working on the project, their social media accounts were unresponsive. The biggest hurdles that came our way included:
1-The accounts were very unresponsive
2-The likes and followers were very low


Pixelette Technologies started working on Nest’s social media accounts in December 2020. First of all, our professional team analyzed the problems to see what went wrong and soon found the best solutions to benefit our client. 


Despite the unrealistic goals set by our client due to the unresponsive nature of their social media accounts our team did extremely well to increase the activities on their page as their Facebook page activities increased by 60% from 15 Dec to 14 Nov. Also, their page views and video views increased by 50% and 23% in the same period. Their post reach and engagements took a giant leap as they increased by 90% and 83% respectively. Their page likes and followers increased by 54% each in just 30 days. The numbers are quite amazing as shown in the graph mentioned below:

The next big goal we were asked to achieve was to revive their Instagram account. And when we started working on it the number of accounts reached wasn’t satisfying. But like always soon our hard-working and passionate team found the best possible solutions to revive their Instagram account as they saw 22,236 accounts reached within just 30 days.

nest reached account graphs
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