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M R kitchen design is a UK-based company with a range of furniture manufactured by family-run manufactures using the latest technology alongside more traditional methods to produce furniture which is beautiful in its design. With quality built-in to stand the test of time, ensuring style on the outside and oozing practicality and quality within Each Kitchen is individually designed for you and will be expertly fitted. Their ranges vary from traditional solid wood furniture to modern and contemporary styles to suit all tastes and styles.
The business came to Pixelette Technologies in November 2020 and gave us a list of certain goals to be achieved. The list included:
Increase the number of users
Increase the number of likes and followers


When Pixelette Technologies started on M R kitchen’s project the condition of their social media accounts was substandard. The accounts were unresponsive and our experts had a real tough job on their hands. The challenges we faced included:
1-Post reach and engagements were close to nothing
2-There were very few likes and followers on their page
3-There were no page activities


Pixelette Technologies started working on their social media accounts in December 2020 and despite the toughness of the goals places in front of our team, the professional team of Pixelette Technologies did it quite efficiently.


When we started working on M R kitchen’s project soon our team of experts found the best possible solutions to benefit our client. The impact we had was a self-telling one as the activities on the page increased by 60% and page views increased by 50% within just 30 days. Moreover, page followers and likes increased by a staggering 54% within the same period. For the good of our client, the post reach and post engagements increased by a mammoth number of 90% and 83% respectively.

The next big goal achieved by our team of experts was to revive the Instagram account of our client. When we started working on their Instagram account the number of account reaches was constantly dipping. But once our team started working on it, it just got increased with each passing day as the number of accounts reached increased by a jaw-dropping number of 96.7% in just one month as shown in the graph below.

mr kitchen design account reached
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